Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Christopher Robbin Part 2 by Naomi

All the while, Pooh was waiting for Christopher. The forest was gloomy every day and Pooh couldn't see any of his friends. He was very lonely. Then he decided to visit Christopher. Of course the story ended happily because it's a Disney movie. But it made me think about many things. My son and I didn't talk on the train on the way home. It was not because the train was crowded. Rather, It was because we were thinking about Pooh and Christopher. And I was thinking that it might be the last time that I go to a movie together with my son. Next spring he will enter the university and he may go to the movies with his girlfriend instead. I enjoyed "Christopher Robbin", the time with my son and my day off. (This will probably be Naomi's final BLOG for RAM English. She is an English teacher at a cram school. She has gotten very busy with her work so she has decided to stop her lessons with us. It has been a pleasure to teach English to her. Good luck, Naomi.)

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