Thursday, November 8, 2018

One day trip to Tokyo

I was free on Sunday. My plan was to take an early train and go to Lake Haruna and see the autumn colors. But, before I went, I thought that it would be too much trouble. So, I did get up early, make breakfast, and watch some TV. I then did a Super Scrabble puzzle. I was bored, so I decided to take a trip to Tokyo. The goal was to visit the Imperial Palace near Tokyo station. Then I wanted to go check out the Ginza. I went to the station. I took the train to Tokyo. The bad news was that I had to stand until Ikebukuro. After that all went smoothly. I had lunch near Toyko station. I walked to the Palace. It was raining slightly all day. But, I had my umbrella! I walked around the Imperial Palace garden. It was opened. I talked to some foreigners. I met several Germans, two Swedes and a New Zealander. Then I went to the Ginza. That was nice as I walked the wide, wide street with many people. I bought some chocolates at Mitsukoshi and greetings cards at Ito-ya. I walked back to Tokyo station and was home by 4PM. It was a relaxing day outside.

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