Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A trip to Tokyo Part 2

So, from Roppongi I took the subway (Tou-Ei O-Edo line stations) one station, E23 to E24, to Ayoyama 1 Chome. There I walked around. I went through one small park. There were a couple dozen people painting the trees with water colors. I then walked over to the Meiji Jingu GaiEn, and finally to the Ginkgo tree lined avenue. There were many people and a parade was brewing (getting ready). There were lots of people. There was a baseball game going on at the stadium and I could hear the crowd. I walked along when I got a call from Miwako. She had come by car to meet me. She was waiting in line to get into the parking lot. We got in and then went to a nearby cafe. It is called Green Cress. The other restaurants were full and people were lining up to get in. We ordered lunch and relaxed on the outdoor deck. We used the parasol to block the bright sunshine. It was a beautiful day! We chatted and watched the pedestrians stroll by. After lunch we started to go to Shinjiku Gyoen. It didn't look too far away, but it was getting late. And it was becoming cooler. So, we changed our minds and made our way (walked) back to he car. We went home. I slept all the Ageo.

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