Thursday, November 15, 2018

Baseball by Shogo

We had a game in Maebashi city last Saturday. It was the first round of the Kantou Kanreki baseball tournament. I left home with my wife around 8:30 in the morning and headed to the ballpark in Maebashi City. The game began at noon. Our opponent came from Yokohama City and they were a very good team. I thought that it would be very hard to defeat them when I saw them practicing before the game. The game went on 0 to 0 until the 4th inning. It changed in the top of the 4th when we got 2 runs, but then we gave up two runs in the bottom of that inning. Before you knew it, we were down by five when we gave up 5 more runs next inning. However, we came back with 3 runs in our half of the 6th. But our opponent got one more run in the bottom of that same inning. In the end, we lost 8 to 6. I was one for four in the game. I had four ABs (at bats). I had a ground out, a single, a strike out and a walk. I played short and made one fine play. Anyway, I thought I have to practice some more to improve my skills. But, my batting is improving. Our next game is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

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