Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Chichibu by Ima

There are 34 sacred places in Chichibu. I wanted to visit all of them so I began in October of last year, 2017. It's a kind of pilgrimage. I am not interested in temples or religion but, I like walking. I visited the 34th and final temple October 22nd. I completed this journey. The 3 temples are scattered here and there. Some are very near a station and some are far away from a station. Some were in towns while others were in the mountainside. I used the train and the bus, and then walking. I went to Chichibu 14 times. I had my "visited" card signed at all 34 temples. I went there 3 times this October. I also saw signs that said "Beware of Bears." (I always walk alone and I didn't  wear a bell that scares away bears. If I met (encountered) a bear, I wouldn't run away. I would move slowly back gazing at the bear.) At each temple the Buddhist priest wrote his message in my pilgrimage booklet. Fortunately I didn't see any bears. So, I came back home safely. I achieved my goal.

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