Friday, November 2, 2018

Culture Day in Japan

Tomorrow is Saturday. It also just happens to be the Japanese Cultural Day. I found the following interesting news on the Internet.
This day was formerly observed as the birthday of the Emperor Meiji (1852-1912), who ruled Japan from 1868 until his death. Meiji Tenno abolished feudalism, raised the people's standard of living, and secured Japan's reputation as a great world power. It was during his reign that Japan made rapid progress toward becoming a modern nation by using Western institutions, technology, and learning as its model. It was during this period that a constitution was adopted, a parliament was convened, civil and criminal laws were codified, and an educational system was established. Railways were built,  and electric lights and telephones were put into use. 
ALSO, Bunka-no-hi is a day to honor traditional Japanese culture a promote the love of freedom and peace that was established in hte Japanese Constitution. 
As part of the celebration of Culture Day the order of Culture Awards ceremony takes place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
So, how will you celebrate Culture Day?

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