Friday, December 14, 2018

the desk

I was home alone last Sunday. And, I had a plan. I saw on the Internet about all the illuminations in and around the Yamanote line. (By the way, that is where I got the idea for tomorrow's Puzzler.) I considered (was thinking about) visiting a few of those sites in the evening, BUT, it was a little too cold and I had a task to do. What was that task? I had to take apart the desk in one of our adult children's room upstairs. It didn't look difficult but I knew it would take time. So, I gave up on the idea of going out and got to work. At this time I was home alone. So, I could work at my own pace. I got my tools; two screwdrivers and a hammer. I also got gloves and a mask. I knew it would be dusty so I wanted to protect my lungs. (I often do that when I weed.) To make a long story short, I worked for three hours and removed lots and lots of screws; long screws, short screws, silver screws, copper screws, fat screws and slim screws. I used hte hammer to break off the sides of he drawers. I started to bundle the pieces (with string) in order to throw\ them away the m\next day. But I got tired. So I gave it up. The next morning I found that M and E bundled them up. Happy!

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