Thursday, December 6, 2018


As I wrote yesterday, I had lunch in Shibuya at a restaurant. It was down a stairway and the name is Waterman Fish Market...maybe. I entered and there were about 20 customers. I got my seat and looked at the menu. There were a lot of seafood and meat dishes on the menu as well as salads and drinks. It looked like a typical menu. Next to me were four young Japanese girls carrying on a loud and happy conversation. I then noticed several ladies who were wearing Hijabs. These are one of the traditional head wear for Muslim women. Then I noticed the restroom door. wasn't the restroom! I put on my glasses and looked at the symbol on the door again. It was two women in praying positions. It was a prayer room for Muslims. I ordered my lunch. It was pretty good, but a little bland-"not having a strong or interesting taste". I talked to the manager on my way out and he told me that this eatery served food specially prepared for Muslims. That is, it is HALAL. I later checked the Internet and found that there are such restaurants all over Tokyo. I also read some material about Halal and the Muslim religion. They have rules and laws and beliefs according to their God. I will not convert to (become) Muslim but it was interesting reading.

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