Tuesday, December 11, 2018

POLA art museum Haokone

Two weekends again M and I visited Hakone. It was an overnighter form Sunday to Monday. We left early as we planned to visit the Pola Art Museum in Hakone before checking into our hotel. I drove us there. Traffic was very light. We went through Hakone Yumoto and then up the slopes of the mountain. We have been to this museum a couple of times, and on this day we had plenty of time so we could see (view) all of the exhibtions at our leisure (slowly/take our time). We saw three exhibitions. The main exhibition was by French artist Odilon Redon. The second was by Leonard Foujita. The third was a collection of glass works by; a. Louis Comfort Tiffany b. Emille Gallee c. the Daum Brothers. All that we saw were fascinating. We also veiwed some works by Monet, Renoir as well as Picaso. We were at the museum for three and a half hours. It was drizzling (raining lightly) outside. We had a sandwich during the visit and then lunch when we were ready to leave at 3pm. We made a visit to the gift shop too. There were not many people visitung this day so it was wonderful for us. We then went to our hotel.

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