Friday, December 7, 2018

Benibana Furusatokan by Kesako

On Saturday, November 24th, I studied English at the church in the morning. After lunch at Tobu Store Main, I went to Sogo department store. I bought two pairs of shoes. One is casual shoes and the other is walking shoes. I also bought a bag.
On the next day, Sunday, the festival was held at Benibana Furusatokan in Okegawa. It is an annual event. A lot of prefectural associations and groups took part and sold their goods and special products at booths. It was a sunny day without wind. So, it was more crowded than usual. My husband joined a Gunma prefectural association and sold YakiManju. Have you ever eaten it? YakiManju is roasted Manju with sweet miso paste. It smells good! I went to the festival with my friend and had a lot of fun. Do you know the Benibana Furusatokan in Kanou? It is a cultural facility that was donated by a citizen. The building was rebuilt into a private house 100 years ago. There are Soba and Udon shops there. Some shops sell local goods. By the way (BTW) the actor Masahiro Motoki, also know as (AKA) Mokun, has been here several times and wrote some calligraphy as gifts. Mokun's parents house is nearby. Mokun is actor KikiKirin's son-in-law.

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