Thursday, December 13, 2018

Santa Claus

I was Santa at the Kitamoto Kindergarten and Houikuen on Monday. This is my third time. I got there at 9AM. First I had to get my Santa suit on. It has red and white top and pants. It has a red and white cap. It has  a black belt and black boots. The whole suit was there when I took over the teaching duties three years ago and I am lucky that it fits me well. This is my third time so I am pretty good at it. At first, I meet all the kids at the Houikuen. There is my dramatic entrance. There are bells ringing as I pull my sleigh full of presents for the kids. Then there is an interview. Finally I hand the presents to the kids one by one and then we take group photos. Next I exit and then sneak over to the Kindergarten. I meet there with 5 or 6 2 to 3 year-olds for a "quickie" meeting. Then I sneak over to the hall where I am waiting on stage with the curtain closed until their party is over. Then, the curtain is opened. After another interview there is some singing and dancing. Then the kids come on stage to get their presents. More photos and finally I leave at 11:30. It's fun.

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