Sunday, December 16, 2018

Puzzler Hints

actually, this is the final Puzzler for 2018. I have enjoyed them all. How about you? Did you find them interesting? Entertaining? Puzzler Hints: CLICK HERE.

December Home Project
interesting (面白い)VS. interested (興味を持っています)
例:My brother is not interested in golf. But I think that golf is very interesting.
I am interested in ~ 私は~に興味がある。
He is interested in ~ 彼は~に興味がある。
They are interested in~ 彼らは~に興味がある。
ALSO boring / bored, tired / tiring, surprised / surprising, amazed / amazing confused / confusing.
これらの例を、ブログの中から探してみてください。皆さんも、それらの単語を使って会話をしたり文を作てみましょう。Good Luck!

Pola Museum. This is glass.

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