Thursday, December 20, 2018

Don't blow your horn, please Part 1

Some people in Japan honk (blow) their car horns. They do so for a variety of reasons. In my home country, the US of A, horn blowing is all too (very, very) common. People do it for different reasons. I also saw on the Internet that in some countries people do it all the time. So, it is not too bad here in Japan. However, we debated the issue in several of my classes. Why? 1. I dislike horn blowing very much. I can say that "It is my pet peeve." That means that I dislike it more than any other dislike of mine. So, Miwako told me that she saw a guy on Japanese TV who said that it is illegal (against the law) to blow your horn in Japan, except in hte mountains where there is a sign posted when you must blow your horn (see pic). Some people blow their horn to say "Bye bye" or "Hello" or "Thank you". These are all illegal. Some people do it to warn other people that there is danger. But, I think that in that case, if you see danger, you should stop your car! Why? Because it is dangerous. Some people blow their horn when they are angry. Please, don't blow your horn.

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