Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Neko Tsuzura by Eiko

I made a Neko Tsuzura. It is also called Neko Chigura.
Do you know that? That is a small cat’s house.  It is made of straw.

People kept rice in the warehouse in Japan long ago. There were a lot of mice there. So They kept cats to get rid of the mice. And put the NekoTsuzura in the warehouse for the cats.
It is popular for cat lovers now.
A course to make the NekoTsuzura was offered at the Culture Center near my house. I went there from July.

To make the Neko Tsuzura is to weave the straw. I completed it in 7classes. I enjoyed making it. I like the smell of straw.
I weaved it hoping that my cat, Mike would enter inside of it. I was very happy when my lovely Neko Tsuzura was completed in November. At that time though, we were already using the Kotatsu at home. Oh, Mike chose the Kotatsu over my love and effort.

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