Wednesday, December 19, 2018


My adult students have many hobbies and travel a lot. In our lessons we often exchange information. Some times it is about travelling. Sometimes that travel is local, and sometimes nationwide and sometimes foreign. When I have the chance I tell my stories. Recently I got a pamphlet about Saitama's two major train lines. They are the Utsunomiya line and Takasaki line. This pamphlet introduces a variety of eateries. One is in Kitamoto. I decided to visit the place. IT is called AKABA Cafe. Their specialty is Tai-yaki. I like Tai-yaki. I was free one afternoon so I got on the train and took the three minute ride to Kitamoto. From the station I followed the map and found the place easily. It is small. There were two customers when I entered. I sat at the counter and ordered one Tai-yaki and an Earl Grey tea. It was 500 yen. The owner was a friendly guy. When I showed him the pamphlet he gave me a 50 yen rebate (money back). That was cool. He also pointed out (showed me) the BINGO game on the back of hte pamphlet. If I go to a place on the Utsunomiya line I can BINGO! There are several kinds of presents you can get. I see that there is a Parfait Cafe in Toro. Will I go? 

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