Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tokyo Chamii

After my visit to Shibuya Scramble Square I went to the Tokyo Chamii mosque. I found out about it (learned about it) bu accident. I heard some news on the radio one day. I checked it out and found that it, too, was in Shibuya-ku. So, when I got down to the fist floor of the building, I first bought some cakes. These were a souvenir for the family. Then I went outside and set my smart phone on it. BUT, I got lost almost immediately. So, I changed apps. Then I got on the right (correct) track. I walked for about 30 minutes. I had lunch on the way. When I arrived at the mosque I was impressed. It was beautiful. I read that it built in 1938. Little by little, It was deteriorating. That means crumbling or falling apart. So, they rebuilt it ten years ago. It is not so big. But it is rather beautiful inside and outside. My timing was fortunate (lucky). They were having a prayer session. There were 8 worshippers in the front. One gent was chanting. I thought it was beautiful. You are also allowed to take photos and videos. I got a nice video of the chanting. I then went to the library and had a piece of walnut cake and a tea. By the way, all the books there are written in Arabic. I looked at the pictures. 

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