Thursday, January 16, 2020

Lunch with Kenny

I have a BLOG site. Everyday I post something on the site. My hope is to help my students level up there English. The site is free. I have been doing this BLOG for about eight years, maybe longer. I forgot. I post stories in English. They almost always contain a photo. They are posted from Tuesday to Friday. I write the BLOG and sometimes I use stories from  my students. On the weekends, I POST my Puzzler, Puzzler Hints and Puzzler Answers. A Puzzler is a kind of word game in English. There are four types. A listening practice is included on the Puzzler page. There is a Hints Page in Sunday and finally on the answer page there is a Super Scrabble Puzzle with some word play. Of course, I make mistakes. So, I need a person to check these weekend Blogs to find any mistakes before I publish them. I asked one of my students to check these for me. He is Kenny. (see pic) He is a cool retired gent. Of course he speaks very good English. He has free time so he was kind enough to volunteer to do the checking. In gratitude for his work for me I took him to lunch at the end of the year. We went to a nice restaurant in Urawa. Thank you Kenny.

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