Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New Year Holiday in Atami Part 1

My New Year holidays started December 28th at 4:30pm. It ended at 1:00pm January 4th. So, it was about one week. During that week we had a lot of fun. First, we took a trip to Atami. There were five of us. My older daughter, who got married last May, rented a car and she and her new husband drove to Atami. Why? Because she recently got her driver's license. She is eager to drive. (She came to our home by car one month ago and she took me for a drive. She drives very slowly and safely!) They drove and Miwako and our younger daughter and I went by our car. We all met at the Hotel. We checked into our rooms and then we went by one car to the Ajikurabe restaurant. We have been there maybe a dozen times. It is sooooo delicious. There we ate a lot of sushi and fried fish and a lot of different kinds of seafood. Of course we all had drinks, except for Eri. She was our designated driver. That means that she volunteered to abstain (not drink) to be our safe driver. After our meal we went back to the hotel. Continued tomorrow.

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