Thursday, January 23, 2020

A visit to the spa

After our trip to Atami at the end of least year The three of us went to a spa. It was on our way home. It is located in Saitama. We used the Sayama Hidaka exit to get there.  It was very enjoyable. There are many things to do and everything costs money, of course. There were many kinds of baths. I tried them all. At the outdoor bath, I also relaxed on a lounge chair. There I found the moon. It was beautiful. It was just dusk and Jupiter was right next to it. I enjoyed that scene for a good 15 minutes. After some more baths (I didn't use the sauna this time) I changed to my Gamban Yoku uniform. Do you know Gamban Yoku? I don't really like it. But, I tried it. This was my second time. It was pretty good this time. You lie on a floor in a hot room and sweat. They told me it was medicinal (good for your health). Then I signed up for a massage. This was the highlight of my time there. I had two muscle aches at that time. One was in my left shoulder and the other was in my left side. I was able to get the message without waiting so that was good. The instructor was a woman. She was good but I thought a man would have used more power. But the results were good. Actually the shoulder pain was gone! I wanna try it again. 

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