Tuesday, January 7, 2020


The new year has arrived. It is 2020 in the western world. Here in Japan it is also Reiwa 2. A new emperor was crowned here in Japan last year. So, the Heisei era ended and the Reiwa era began. So, it is Reiwa 2. Do you understand? Now, about many resolutions. Resolutions are the same as a promise. You make the promise to yourself. A New Year's Resolution is always a promise to better yourself. In America the Resolutions include; Quit smoking, lose weight (diet), exercise more or study, for example. My 2019 resolution was to quit drinking coffee. I think it stained my teeth. I drank one glass of iced coffee in early January by mistake. I then started drinking hot tea. We have many kinds of tea in our house and hardly anyone (almost no one) drinks them. So, I think I can kill two birds with one stone that way. During the year I also started two new habits. I ordered two monthly magazines and I read them. I also started reading and studying Shakespeare. I will continue these hobbies in 2020. I also recalled (remembered) my 2018 resolution. It was to drive slower and more carefully. I still continue that. So, my 2020 resolution is to practice writing Japanese Kanji characters. I used to know many but I forget them. With that I wan to say Good luck to all in 2020. 

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