Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kyu Iwasaki Tei Teien

On Sunday, January 5th, I paid a visit to the KyuIwasakiTei Teien in Ueno. This was my third visit there. It is a historical cultural asset. It is about a 20 minute walk from Ueno station on the opposite side of he Shinobazu Pond. It is right next to Tokyo University. When you enter the grounds there is a long road that leads to the building. There is a main building and a billiard room next to it. There is also a garden. Picture taking is not allowed inside. Currently only one-third of the original building remains. The architecture is great. There are many chandeliers and high ceilings. There are sculptured walls and fine fireplaces and huge mirrors all around. There are long staircases, too.The main part of the building was used for guests. They had meetings and parties and dinners there. The back building was the residence of the Hisaya Iwasaki family. He is the 3rd president of the Mitsubishi Company. The logo of Mitsubishi is everywhere in this part of the building. The story of this place is very interesting. There is a 10 minute video both in Japanese and English. If you go I suggest that you view it. And they have free guided tours. I also suggest that you try one of the treats they offer. I had a cheese cake with maccha. Yummy.

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