Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Shibuya Scramble Square

The Shibuya Scramble Square opened November 1st, 2019. It is 230 meters high with 47 stories. I went there last Sunday. It was a beautiful day. There were blue skies and not much wind. I took the train to Omiya, transferred to the Saikyou line and arrived Shibuya 11:30AM. It took a few minutes ot locate (find) the building. I went to the top. It cost \2,000 for adults with no senior discount (Boo!). I got the next elevator up. It was quick. The roof (47th floor) was not crowded at all. But, the views were magnificent! I borrowed a device that shows the locations around Tokyo and outlying areas. Unfortunately, the words on the screen were very small. I returned it then walked around. I was up there for over an hour. It was excellent! There are places to relax and every location is a good photo shoot. Of course you can see all the famous Tokyo landmarks as well as places in Kanagawa, Saitama,  Chiba and the Pacific ocean. The biggest thrill or me was a map! It is 3D with Tokyo, Japan in the center. The other countries are spread out around it. It is on the floor. There is a thick plastic plate on the top so you can stand on it. I highly recommend going up fop r a visit!

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