Friday, September 14, 2018

Special guests

It was a Wednesday. I teach in Omiya on Wednesdays. It is an adult group and currently there are 6 students in the class. The lesson is at the Uchino Kominkan in Omiya. So, last week Wednesday I went to teach there after having lunch at Aeon. As I entered he Kominkan, four junior high school kids were standing in front of the office. They said "Good afternoon" in Japanese as I entered. I was a bit surprised but I replied (answered) "Hi." It was almost time for the lesson so I hurried upstairs and started the ball rolling (I started the lesson). Suddenly the Kominkan director came in to ask us if it was OK for those kids to watch our lesson. We all said "Sure." Those kids came in. They introduced themselves in English. I introduced myself in English. Then we continued the lesson with some listening practice. I used one of my CDs and were practiced listening to three sentences.  Our members did pretty good in understanding the sentences and so did the kids. They really worked hard and they discussed what they heard. It was a very refreshing lesson with those youngsters there. I hope they come again next year. (The pic is NOT those kids)

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Eiko said...

I enjoyed this lesson very much.
Young students were fresh and worked hard.
I think most of members enjoyed studying with them.