Thursday, September 6, 2018

Matterhorn in the morning glow by Eiko

The most impressive thing in Switzerland was the Matterhorn in the morning glow. We stayed at Zermatt. One morning we got up early and we went to Sunnegga observatory by cable car. There was a lake. We saw inverted Matterhorn in the morning sun. That was so beautiful.
 Zermatt is the base to climb Matterhorn. There is a bridge named Nihonbashi.
It is said that Japanese gathered at the bridge to see Matterhorn in the morning glow from long ago. It seems that foreigners didn’t have a habit of seeing the mountains of the morning glow. They noticed the beauty now as well.
 Zermatt and Myokokogen, Fujiyoshida, Kyoto are sister cities. I was pleased to know that.
 Our trip was a group trip. There were 26 people. There were a couple of handicapped people in our group. They naturally traveled with us. We climbed the observation platform by train or cable car. We also used borrow bus. Our bus driver told us he never been to the observation platform in Interlaken. He told the cable car fare was very expensive. We realized that we had a luxurious trip. All of us in our group wanted to climb with him together. We donated the money for his cable car fare little by little. And we could see the view of marvelous mountains together. We reaffirmed that this trip was very valuable and wonderful.

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