Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tennis Part 1 WOWOW

I am not a big tennis fan. When I was young, I watched baseball, football and ice hockey in America. By the time I got to Hawaii, I almost completely quit watching sports. Then, in Japan, I got interested in Japanese baseball and soccer. I still followed the US pro sports but not closely. Now, I only like soccer, especially from the European leagues. I never watch tennis and occasionally golf. WOWOW is a private satellite broadcasting and premium satellite television station in Japan. You have to pay for it. They offered a special deal this month. If you sign up now, you can watch the US Open final match between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Of course, you will also get a discount. Well, we signed up for this service. (You can also see movies and other specials on WOWOW, so it may be worth it.) Anyway, the match stared early in the morning so I couldn't see it. But I did see the results on the news. Later we saw the entire (whole) match. And I was very surprised to see that Osaka beat (defeated) Williams. Furthermore, I was dismayed (unhappy) to see how Williams reacted to her defeat. continued tomorrow.

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