Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Saturday night party

Last Saturday, September 9th, I did the final lessons at Kenkatsu. They start up again (resume) in October. There are twenty lessons each term. There are two groups. The first group is a beginner/intermediate group. Most of them have been continuing for two years now so they are getting better, little by little. The second group are all very good speakers of English. They also have a good understanding of grammar. Their listening level is quite high, too. They also like to party. So, after the final lesson we went to Omiya for a dinner party. There were nine of us. But first, one student and I made a stop at a Standing/drinking shop. We had some primers (drinks) and then walked to the party. That was a good time. Every one was talkative and the food was good and we had some very delicious Japanese sake. When the party ended, my drinking partner and I went to one of his favorite waterholes. Then we went to the station  about 11 PM. I remember going home on the train and Miwako picked me up at Okegawa station. Then I don't remember anything. Thanks everyone. 

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