Thursday, September 13, 2018

Typhoon Jebi

Last week Tuesday Typhoon Jebi hit Japan. It caused a lot damage in the south and west of Japan. However here was also some effects in our area. On that day I had a lesson at the nearby Kindergarten near RAM English. I walked there instead of taking my bicycle because it might rain. I was back at my school at noon. After lunch the ladies came. It was fine weather when they arrived. But it started to rain heavily almost as soon as the lesson started. The good news is that the rain stopped just before they left. Whew! But then during my kids lessons from 5 PM we had a lot of rain. And then there was a lot of thunder. And then suddenly during the lesson the lights almost went out. They stopped but only for a split second. Then the thunder roared! It was loud and strong. I became a bit (little) concerned. The kids didn't seem to mind. The lessons ended at 8 PM. Half the students didn't come because they were afraid of (concerned about) the storm. In the end it wasn't so bad. Miwako came to pick me up by car. I didn't need my bicycle until the afternoon the next day so it worked out. As Shakespeare said "All's well that ends well."

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