Friday, November 8, 2019

World Rugby Cup by Yuko

The World Rugby Cup was held in Japan from September 20th to November second. This is the first time outside Tier 1. (Editor's note: Tier 1 includes 8 teams. They are England, Wales, Ireland, France, Scotland and Italy which compete in the Six Nations. New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina compete in the Rugby Championship league. Japan is in Tier 2 and is the only Asian team.) It is held every four years and this is the 9th tournament. Rugby originated in England. Formally called Rugby Football. Rugby is a very popular sport worldwide. Teams such as Ireland. Italy and New Zealand bowed in a row, Japanese style, after each match. This is to convey gratitude to the audience. Now it's a new trend. 
Actually I was not interested in Rugby. I don't know the rules and it's a painful (vicious) sport. But I was very excited watching the games on TV. The spirit of not giving up trying is very great. After the game the players of both teams shake hands. Then they make a flower path and send each other off the  field. I was very impressed. I'm still not sure of the rugby rules, but I like rugby very much. 

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