Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Exploring Tokyo Part 1

The Plan: Walk from Harajuku to Tokyo Tower and then walk to the Imperial Palace and then walk to Ueno Zoo. I would go into the Palace to see the new items on display at the small museum there. Then I would buy books at Maruzen, then I would check out the giraffes at Ueno zoo. HOWEVER, after breakfast in Shinjuku I took the train to Harajuku. I thought that the Ueno zoo was closed this day. Why? Because I checked the Internet on my phone and it said so. So, I went to the Meiji Shrine where I found the Gai En (inside park). I had never been there before so I went in. It was nice and quiet but nothing spectacular. There was a natural water spring which was interesting. Then I walked from there along the Omote Sando. There were many people shopping ad chatting and enjoying the day. When I got to Aoyama Douri I checked a map. I was still very far form Tokyo Tower. I considered the time. I changed course. I took the subway only one station and got off at Gai En Mae station. I walked around this area and then headed down AoYama Douri to the Imperial Palace. On the way I stopped at the Toyo Kawa Inari temple/shrine for an Oden lunch. Yummy.

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