Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Eco by Yuko

“Eco” By Yuko

Let me talk about my Eco.
I heard that sea turtles mistake plastic wastes for food and eat them. It sometimes causes blockage in their digestive system. It is a serious problem in the world. So, I always carry my own eco-bag. And another reason is that it saves crude oil, which is one material used for making plastic bags.
When I choose vegetables at Mine Store or Maruetsu, I try to buy local vegetables. The local vegetables are fresh and transportation cost is reduced. At my house, I use the remaining bath water to do the laundry.
Also, I don’t leave the water running when I wash the dishes.
Of course, I take my water bottle everywhere. I rarely buy plastic bottles. I think it’s important that each person has as interest in ecology and do what they can to protect the environment.

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