Friday, November 15, 2019

Exploring Tokyo Part 3

My original plan was to  walk to Ueno zoo from Tokyo. BUT! I was too pooped (tired) to do that. I took the train and got of at Ueno and walked to the zoo. However, I had walked so much before that my calves were hurting. I had walked a lot. I continued on. I got in line and bought my discount ticket for elders...half price. My goal was to check to the giraffes. Why? Because I read a story in National Geographic. They explained that there are four kinds of giraffes in the world. They all come form Africa. I walked to the west side of he zoo. I ignored all the other animals in the way. I did see the penguins (not moving) and Flamingos (cool). Then to the Africa animals. BUT! They were not there. They were inside their enclosures (homes). Everyone was in line to see them. Once inside I saw the hippos and rhinos. Finally my quest...the giraffes. I took some pics as well as a video. I learned what I needed to know. I also confirmed that the OKAPI is a member of the giraffe family. Did you know that?

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