Wednesday, November 27, 2019


My new hobby is to study Shakespeare. I read the plays and then watch a movie version or a live on stage performance on YouTube. Why Shakespeare? I am not certain (sure) myself. I simply (just) got an inspiration one day. That was in June or July. Since then I have read seven plays by the Bard. They are interesting because the English is from the beginning of the 18th century. It is difficult at first but like any hobby, you get used to it. So, now it is more fun to read. Also, the stories are interesting and world renown. That means famous, or known, all over the world. The first book I challenged was Twelfth Night. Why? Because it is not so long. I read it and didn't understand much, so I read it again. In the books, there are explanations from professional scholars to assist (help) the reader with understanding Shakespeare and his language and his works. Another interesting thing about the movies and plays is that the some of the actors are famous movie starts. That was a surprise to me. I hope to tell you about the stories one by one. T

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