Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A trip to Copenhagen by Kazuko Part 2

I expected the Kronberg Castle to have an ominous atmosphere. But actually it was amazing. It was not gorgeous, rather, it was elegant. There were several people in the castle wearing costumes fro the period. They were actors and were playing their roles. We met and greeted a King and two guards. They were very friendly. We had a great time there. The we went back to the middle of the town by train and bus. On our way, we met a nice lady. She was on the bus going downtown. When we boarded the bus it was crowded but we were able to find  seats. A white-haired woman, who looked to be in her 70s, got on the bus and stood beside my husband. He offered his seat to her but she refused, smiling, and asked where we were from. When she found out that we were Japanese she talked about the disaster in Japan. It was the terrible typhoon disaster which happened during our trip. I was a bit surprised and was pleased at the same time. I believed that no one cared about Japan which is so far from Denmark. 

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