Thursday, November 28, 2019


I read HAMLET. Of course many people know of this play by Shakespeare. It is a tragedy. I counted six people dying by the end of the story, including Hamlet. The story is about the Prince of Denmark. His father was killed by his own brother (Hamlet's uncle). This uncle becomes King and on top of that, he marries his brother's wife. The ghost of the dead king tells Hamlet to get revenge for his death. I read the story and it was difficult to see the story because it is a stage performance. So, I found a YouTube version on line. The actors were Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music), Robert Shaw (Jaws) and Donald Sutherland (MASH) just to name a few actors. The movie was great! I understood the plot (story) so I enjoyed it very much. And I could appreciate the English that they use. It also helped me to understand the language. Shakespeare changes the English to make it more enjoyable. In the end Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, King Claudius, Ophelia, Laertes, and Polonius all die. Famous lines are
"To be or not to be - that is the question."
"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio."
"There is something rotten in the state of Denmark."

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