Friday, April 19, 2019

Odaiba Souya

I first arrived in Japan in 1985. The Showa Emperor was on the Japanese throne. I went to a Japanese language school to learn the language for two years. On our final day they took us to the Maritime Museum in Odaiba. So, I decided to revisit the museum. However, when I got to the museum it was closed up! They were doing repairs or perhaps refurbishing. Anyway, I walked around the outside and saw some unique objects. Then I walked to the small information building. It had a lot of info but everything was in Japanese. They had one display of small scale ships. They were all the ships ever built in Japan. Cool. Then I went next door to the SOUYA. It is a research ship. It did several explorations to the Antarctic. I walked on board. It was free. It had no computers! Everything was analog. There were quarters (rooms) for the crew. There was a galley (kitchen) and a dispensary (medical room). I walked around for about 40 minutes. Finally I met the two famous dogs: Taro and Jiro. I heard their story so long ago and now I finally knew it completely. 

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