Friday, April 5, 2019

Koishikawa Kourakuen Part 1

I went to Ueno by train this Sunday, then walked to Tokyo University and walked around there. After an hour or so, I headed to the Koishikawa Kourakuen Gardens. I walked there. I asked at a police box for directions just to make sure and he said Tokyo Dome was about ten minutes away on foot. I was at HonGo 3 Chome. I walked up Route 254. In 15 minutes I was at the Bunkyo Civic Center building. I decided to go up to the top and check out the view. It was a fine day. At the 25th floor there is an observation deck. It is free! That is right up my alley (=it suits me). I walked around looking for buildings that I knew. After 30 minutes I went back down to continue my trip to the park. Outside, on my way to the park, I passed by Tokyo Dome. I heard the roar of the crowd watching a baseball game inside. Yes! It was Ichiro and the Seattle Mariners playing baseball. Ichiro was playing so his fans were really excited. I moved on. I stopped to watch a little league game. The kids were maybe 3rd or 4th graders. Cool. Then I moved on to the park. I got my senior discount ticket and went inside. TO BE CONTINUED.

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