Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Asukayama Park

I took a trip to Tokyo April 6th. I was up early and at Okegawa station by 8AM. I travelled to Oji, changing trains at Akabane. The weather was OK. It wasn't sunny but then again, it wasn't cold. I walked around hte park. A few people were there. They had their sheets spread out and were prepearing for a "Hanami" experience. As usual some sheets were placed with no 'Hamaniers' yet. They park was smaller than I had expected (anticipated). One student told us that 1,280 cherry trees were planted there in the 18th century. I counted only 55. (joke). Anyway I walked around enjoying the calm and quiet and finally ended up at a kids' park. I saw the slide. A young lady slid down it. She shrieked! I just had to try it. I climbed up the ladder to the top. There, I knew why she had shrieked: The slide was rather steep. But, it was too late to turn back. I slid down...Yikes! It was steep so my weight pulled me down quickly. I landed at the bottom with a THUD. I hurt mt hand a little. I felt like a kid.

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