Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kitamoto Sougou Koen

I had another opportunity to do a Hanami, quite by chance. A group of people study English in Kitamoto. They lost there teacher and were searching for a new one. They saw our web site and called us up. After learning the details I found two candidates (possible teachers) for them. I talked to both and decided on one of them. I contacted the lesson boss and he said he would like to meet with me. I just happened to be free that Saturday afternoon so I went to meet them at the Kitamoto Sougo Park. It is right across from Kitamoto High School. I had never been there before. It was quite nice. It was similar to Maruyama Park in Ageo but smaller. There were ten students and a couple of kids. They were eating lunch and drinking. They offered me a bento lunch. I gobbled it up as I was quite hungry. The two kids played their ukuleles for us. They all sang a Japanese song. Then one lady played here ukulele for us and more singing. Finally, she played an English song. Do you know "My Darling Clementine"? Of course I know it, so I was happy to sing along. It was a beautiful day. I enjoyed this small adventure very much.

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