Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Mida Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

There is one more kindergarten where I appear on stage. That is at the Mida Kindergarten in Kita-Kounosu. I have been teaching there for 4 years. This place is a little different from the other Ks where I teach. First of all, they have lots of students. This year they graduated 99 kids to the first grade. There are 4 classes. So, they average 25 kids per class. And each English lesson on 30 minutes. That is no problem, of course. However, they do not give their kids notebooks fro the English class. Also, they do not have a whiteboard in the classroom. At one lesson I have 55 minutes to teach the kids. So, we have plenty of time to practice writing the ABCs. It is something the kids can learn and I can make some interesting lessons for them. But, this too, is not a problem. The graduation ceremony was March 19th. That is a Tuesday which was good because my Tuesday Kindergartens just finished hte week before. Unfortunately, they will not let (allow) me to take a picture from the stage. How ever I did do my greeting in English. When I was introduced I stood up and said "Congratulations everybody on your graduation." 

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