Thursday, April 4, 2019

My New Year Resolution by Eiko

My new year resolution is to practice Kendama for over 5 minutes every day. Did you watch 'Kohaku uta gassen' (Red and White Singing Battle) on TV on year's eve? While one Enka singer was singing, more than 100 people succeeded in doing Kendama one by one. I was move by it. About the 10th person failed when they tried the same performance last year. So this time, people who succeeded doing it were in a very stressful (tense) situation and it was wonderful! I work at a "Challenge school". Challenge school is one of the extracurricular clubs for 3rd and 4th grader.s We offer many (a variety of) curricula such as: Zazen, tea ceremony and origami. Kendama is also one of them. It is difficult for most children and me, too. However, some kids could do it well. I think that if I practice I will be able to do it. So, I bought a kendama on January 15th. I have practiced it every day since then. And it gradually became possible to do. Kendama requires a lot of a skills. I want to clear each hurdle (challenge) one by one. I feel my efforts will be rewarded.

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