Thursday, April 11, 2019

My sweet memories by Kazuko

Spring has come. The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in less than ten days. I love cherry blossoms. When this season arrives my heart bounces. How about you? I have sweet memories of cherry blossoms. It recalls my youth. Let me tell you about one memory. 40 years ago I was in university. My school is located near Iidabashi station and also near Kitanomaru Park. As you may know Kitanomaru park is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms. One fine spring day, I skipped my class and went to the park with some friends. I was a diligent student but this day was special. It was spring! The blossoms were just passed peaking but they were beautiful none-the-less. We had lunch under one cherry tree. We then separated into groups. We rented rowboats on the Chidorigafuji. It is the inner moat of Edo castle. There are many cherry tress along the banks. I was with my boyfriend. Cherry blossoms fluttered down on us like snow. The surface of the water was covered with the pale pink petals. We were surrounded by pink. The faces of my friends also turned pink. Their smiles were shining with hopes and dreams. We were really enjoying our youth! Time has passed and we got older. Our dreams may have waned but my memories will never fade. 

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