Friday, December 6, 2019

Lunch at Chez Machio

So, here is one more lunch date story. I drive to one of my Kindergarten lessons every Thursday morning. The lesson is on Kawagoe. It is right next to the Kawagoe Sports Park (Undo Kouen). To get there, I use Route 57, then turn right to cross the Kaihei Bridge. The Kindergarten is then nearby. We call Route 57 'Cainz Douri' because Cainz Home is on that road. We used road often before the Ageo Bypass was constructed (built) 7 or 8 years ago. On that road I discovered a new restaurant. It is called Chez Machio. I see it every time I drive by. I finally decided to stop on and check it out. I met the owner. His name is Oshima. He opened the restaurant three years ago. It looked nice and has a casual French menu including a fondu and ostrich dishes. I told Miwako about it and we decided to go there last month. And it was very nice. There is a rather big garden outside. Inside there are three different areas that you can sit. All the tables and chairs are a different motif in each section.  There is also a bar. We both got pasta dishes. And the dessert was very good. We also got a coupon for a free fondu for one to celebrate Chez Machio's three-year anniversary. Cool.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Lunch at Adomani

This is another lunch story. Once upon a time there was a not-so-young couple who lived in Japan. They sometimes travel, they sometimes go out and have cocktails, they sometimes have family dinners, they sometimes do activities together such as birdwatching, paying bridge or take a drive. Recently they had a lunch. One day the not-so-young husband said: "I think we should go out for lunch." The not-so-young wife agreed. She said "Good idea. Where shall we go?" The not-so-young husband said "How about Adomani. It's pretty good and we haven't been there in a while." The not-so-young wife said "That sounds good." So, they dressed up one Saturday afternoon as the not-so-young husband (Also a not-so-young teacher) drove to Kitamoto Adomani. It had been a long time. However the restaurant had not changed. They got a table immediately. The place was not so crowded. That was good. And the food was as delicious as always. The dessert was good, too. Our story has a happy ending.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Lunch at Angela

I teach at a kindergarten on Friday mornings. It is almost every week. However they sometimes cancel an English lesson from time to time (once in a while). So, I will have a rare morning off on a Friday. Two Fridays ago that happened. So, in the morning I was at my school working hard at my computer. I was making a Blog or a Puzzle or something. Then I rode my bicycle to Angela's restaurant. It is in Kitamoto. The weather was pleasant. It takes less than 20 minutes. The menu is pasta and pizza and very good desserts. I ordered a pasta dish and a special dessert. It is special because it is not included with the set menu. I finished my meal, which was very good, and then got my dessert (See pic). I can't remember the name of the dish but it was a creamy, soft chocolate treat. When I finished my meal I got up to leave and went to the register. What a surprise! There were two of my students also going up to the register to pay. We said hello and exclaimed "What a small world it is." That was a nice lunch.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My November

It's the final month of 2019. Christmas is just around the corner and the Olympics happen next year. Are you ready for it all? Me, too. In the meantime, November just ended so I'd like to recap my month here.
1. Read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and saw a movie on YouTube.
2. Read Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and saw a movie on YouTube.
3. Taught many English classes this month as usual.
4. Had lunch with Miwako at Adomani, Kitamoto.
5. Did walking tour of Tokyo.
6. Breakfast at Kei Ou Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku.
7. visited Imperial Palace.
8. Bought two books at Maruzen, Tokyo.
9. Visited Meiji Shrine Garden.
10. Visited Ueno zoo to see the giraffes.
11. Had lunch at Angela in Kitamoto.
12. Lunched with Miwako at Chez Machio, Ageo.
13. Visited Enomoto Farm.
14. Took bicycle to Tokyo to explore.
15. Went to KaminariMon, Sensoji, Sky Tree and Sumida Hokusai Museum.
16. Reread Jules Vernes' 20,00 Leagues Under the Sea and followed the adventure on my globe.
17. Visit Ueno Museum of Western Art.
18. Dinner party to celebrate Miwako's 20th birthday.
19. Lined my brother every day.
20. Visited the gym 13 times.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Puzzler Answers

So, it's back to work. This is the final month this year. I'm enjoying the winter, especially the late sunrises.
Puzzler Answers: CLICK HERE

以下はスーパースクラブルパズルです。よく見ると、4つの空白のタイルが見つかります。 空白のタイルとは、何も書かれていないタイルのことです。それら空白のタイルは、ある単語の一部です。空白のタイルに、どの文字があてはまるかを考えてください。おわかりですか?答えは、ページを下にスクロールして下さい。GOOD LUCK

Below is a Super Scrabble Puzzle. If you search carefully you will find four blank tiles on it. BLANK means that nothing is written on it. But, they are part of the word. Try to determine what letter the BLANK tiles are. After you have your guess you can scroll down the page to find the answers. As always, GOOD LUCK.

FUSE/MUSE                  BELONG                   LOTION                 MONEY     

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Puzzler Hints

It's December. Maybe I should drink today...what do you think?Puzzler Hints: CLICK HERE.

Home Project
今月のHome Projectは、「 UP」 です。

Get up, wake up , pick up, look up, mix up, get up, close up, back up, clean up, break up, blow up, dress up, hard up, call up, fix up, give up, hang up, hard up, zip up, lock up, pull up, rise up, turn up, warm up.......level up your skills and use these in conversations and in your stories this month.
今月は、これらの、up,  up,などの単語を使って会話をしたり、話の中に取り入れて文章を作ってみましょう! Good luck!

Hokusai Painting close up