Monday, May 21, 2018

Puzzler Answers and Super Scrabble

Hmmmm. Maybe we should have a super scrabble event. I'll have to think about it. Puzzler Answers: CLICK HERE.



CITY/CHAIR                   QUEEN                CHAIRED                  JAY/JOY

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Puzzler Hints

I've finished waxing so now I have to find something else to my house. Puzzler hints: CLICK HERE.

Home Project for MAY
Such, such a ... そんなに。。。な
She is such a beauty. 彼女はとても美人です。
Did you ever see such weather? こんな良い(悪い)天気にあったことがある?
He told such a funny story. かれはとてもおかしい話をした。
レッソスンの時も、文章を書く時も、such, such a を使って頑張りましょう。
Results from my Shinjuku blood donation

Saturday, May 19, 2018


That was such a good, long week. I hope to relax again this weekend. Perhaps we will take a drive if it doesn't rain. Puzzler: CLICK HERE.

Home Project for MAY
Such, such a ... そんなに。。。な
She is such a beauty. 彼女はとても美人です。
Did you ever see such weather? こんな良い(悪い)天気にあったことがある?
He told such a funny story. かれはとてもおかしい話をした。
レッソスンの時も、文章を書く時も、such, such a を使って頑張りましょう。
Drip coffee maker in Kyushu gafe

Friday, May 18, 2018

Waxing the floors Part 3

The final waxing was on the 5th. It also started early in the AM. I had to move only the sofa and the TV. To move the sofa I put towels under the legs and then pulled the towels to drag the sofa. The TV is on casters so it was easier to move. There are many cables and wires and boxes and stuff behind the tube (TV) so I had to move it slowly because it could crash if I weren't careful. After waxing in front of the TV dried I was then able to wax behind the TV. Next I moved the sofa onto an area that I waxed the day before. Then I cleaned and waxed the open area. I used the sliding doors to get in and out of the house. That was pretty convenient to use the water hose outside. When this all dried I put everything back where it belongs. That means I put everything back to its original place. We still had a lot of things to throw away and put away and organize. But what a beautiful shine on all the floors! I was now ready to celebrate with some drinks and food this night. I must say everything was extra delicious this time.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Waxing the floors Part 2

We came back from Kyushu on the 3rd. I cleaned and waxed the downstairs floors the 4th and 5th. Again I prepared all the towels and buckets and cleaners. Very early in the morning I washed and waxed the dining room area. This area has the dining set (table and chairs) and several cabinets. I had to move everything to a different area and then clean and then wax. I put everything back when it all dried. The next part was perhaps the most difficult. That was the kitchen and the connecting living room. I took all the stuff out of the kitchen first. In the adjoining living room area we had a desk. This contains all things RAM English Service. I had the pleasure of taking this desk apart (dismantling it), piece by piece. I then bundled up the pieces of woods and took them out to the garbage place. There were many things in and on the desk. I put all these with the kitchen goods. Then I enjoyed waxing these two areas. When it all dried, Miwako put the kitchen things back. She also found some things that we could throw away. That was enough for May 4th.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Waxing the floors Part 1

My Golden Week was not only play. I did some work too. I waxed the floors in our house. In order to wax the floor I prepare several things. I prepare old towels, two buckets with water, gloves that you use in the kitchen, floor cleaner, floor wax and an applicator. The applicator has a log handle and a flat bottom. I also need thick paper pads. These go on the bottom of the applicator. So, the day before we went to Kyushu I did the upstairs hall, the staircase and then the hall downstairs. These were pretty easy as there is not much furniture to move. The following is the order to wax the floor. 
1. Clear everything off the floor. For example chairs, tables, books, and baskets.
2. Wash the floor with the floor cleaner. It also removes dirt and old wax.
3. When the floor dries, wipe the floor with a damp (wet) towel. 
4. When the floor dries, wipe the floor with a damp towel AGAIN.
5. When the floor dries, apply the wax to the floor.
Of course, applying the wax to the floor is FUN.  This day it took about three hours to do everything. That included moving one cabinet we have in the downstairs hall. To move that, I have to take everything out and then Miwako put it all back afterwords.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

endoscopy OR gastroscopy

April 24th was the last free day from my kindergarten teaching schedule. So, I took the opportunity to get a stomach check-up. This was my second time. I went to the same doctor. He's pretty cool and speaks English. The following is from the NET about an endoscopy. The write up is below.
A gastroscopy is a test where an operator - a doctor or nurse - looks into the upper part of your gut (the upper gastrointestinal tract).
The upper gut consists of the gullet (oesophagus), the stomach and the first part of the gut (small intestine) known as the duodenum. The operator uses an endoscope to look inside your gut. Therefore, the test is sometimes called endoscopy.
An endoscope is a thin, flexible telescope. It is about as thick as a little finger. The endoscope is passed through the mouth, into the oesophagus and down towards the stomach and duodenum.
The tip of the endoscope contains a light and a tiny video camera so the operator can see inside your gut.
The endoscope also has a side channel down which various instruments can pass. These can be manipulated by the operator. For example, the operator may take a small sample (biopsy) from the inside lining of the stomach by using a thin 'grabbing' instrument which is passed down a side channel.