Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2018 World Cup Soccer in Russia

The World Cup soccer tournament ended last Monday. I watched about 12 games. I saw Ronaldo and Messi and Neymar. I saw a lot of great soccer and goals and passing and defense. This is the first time I ever watched the World Cup Soccer and I'm glad I did. I recorded the final two games then watched them Sunday morning and then Monday morning. In the Third Place playoff game Belgium defeated England 2 to 0. It was a good. There did not seem to be much enthusiasm by England as they played the game. On the other hand, Belgium played with a lot of heart. Many say that this Third Place game should not be played as it not necessary. Maybe so, but Belgium is the third place team and that is the first time in World Cup history. They were the better team. The final game was great. France are the Champions. They beat Croatia 4 to 2. There were some fantastic goals and one amazing block. Croatia is Number 2 and they played great the entire tournament! France was the best team in the tournament! Congratulations to all the teams. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Marine Day

Yesterday was Marine Day here in Japan. It was a holiday. Why? Here's the scoop from Wikipedia.
Marine Day is a public holiday in Japan on the third Monday in July. It is a day for the island nation of Japan to show appreciation for the seas and oceans. Also known as Ocean Day, Sea Day or 'Umi no hi', Marine Day only became a nationally recognized holiday in Japan in 1996. Since 2003, it has been celebrated on the third Monday in July. Before 1996, it was known as Marine Memorial Day, and was not a national holiday.
History of Marine Day Marine Memorial Day was established in 1941 to mark the anniversary of the 1876 return of the Meiji Emperor to the Port of Yokohama, on the two-masted topsail schooner Meiji-Maru, from a tour of the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions.
How is Marine Day celebrated?
As it is a modern holiday, there are no particular traditional ceremonies associated with the day. However, in celebration of Marine Day all the national aquariums organize special events, water sports competitions, water shows, and cultural activities relating to the sea take place. Many people take advantage of this summer holiday to have a rather fitting day out at the beach.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Puzzler Answers

Today is a HOLIDAY! It's MARINE DAY. Hooray! What are you up to this fine day? Puzzler Answers: CLICK HERE.



LOOSE                TOXICITY/CLEANS                      PRIVATE                         DRAFT

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Puzzler Hints

You're gonna watch the soccer cup finals, aren't you? Me, too. They are going to be the best. Puzzler Hints: CLICK HERE.

July HP
原形のgood が、比較級、最上級それぞれ変化しますが、使い方は他の形容詞と同じです。
例:1. My brother is a good singer. 2. He can sing better than me. But, our sister is the best singer of all.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


The World Cup finals are this weekend I can't wait. And Monday is a holiday. That's even better. Puzzler: CLICK HERE.

July HP
原形のgood が、比較級、最上級それぞれ変化しますが、使い方は他の形容詞と同じです。
例:1. My brother is a good singer. 2. He can sing better than me. But, our sister is the best singer of all.

Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 World Cup Soccer continues

There were two more games this week. I watched France vs Belgium Wednesday morning at 3AM with Miwako. It was great. In order to do that I mopped and cleaned the school on Tuesday morning instead of Wednesday morning. France defeated Belgium 1 to 0 in regulation time so I went back to sleep form 5AM to 7AM. The next game was Croatia vs England Thursday  morning at 3AM. I was free Thursday afternoon so I decided to record the game and watch it then. After my early AM lesson I went to the gym. Then I came home for lunch and to watch the recording. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. The match between France and Belgium was a defense struggle. That means that after France scored their lone (only) goal, the kept playing defense without really trying to score again. Their strategy succeeded. BUT, in the second game England scored early and Croatia had no choice but to keep pressing (pushing/trying) to score a goal. They finally did and then in overtime they continued this tactic. Of course, England did too. But Croatia prevailed (succeeded). They won the game 2 to 1. Next England plays Belgium for 3rd place and then France and Croatia duel (fight) for the championship. I can't wait.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sunday gardening

I worked in the garden and next door from noon to 2 pm Sunday. As you may know (see yesterday's BLOG) I watched four World Cup soccer matches that I recorded on Friday and Saturday nights. I planned to do the work outside in the evening when it got cooler. But, I heard that it would rain, so when Miwako started her piano practice I went outside with my garden outfit and gardening tools. Then I remembered about our blueberry tree. I checked it out. Sure enough there were plenty of (many) ripe blueberries waiting to be picked. I put a net over the tree in the spring so the birds wouldn't eat the berries. It was a bit of a hassle (trouble) getting the net off but I managed it. Then I tried cutting each berry clump. But I found that I could just pull gently on the berries and they fell off into my bowl. I did that for about 20 minutes. The net was still caught in the branches though. So I just trimmed the branches and ripped off the net. It all went well. More than a few berries fell to the ground. I threw away up some along with many leaves. I brought the berries into the house and finished gardening. Later I washed the berries and separated the good from the bad. Miwako froze them. I had some the next morning. Yummy!