Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ueno Zoo

So, after seeing the Michelangelo exhibition at the Museum of Western Art I went to the zoo. I just L O V E the zoo. I got in about 1:30PM on a senior discount ticket (\300). And I saw elephants, polar bears, brown bears, a gorilla, a tiger, monkeys, a gibbon and some birds. That was all in the East Garden. I didn't look at the birds much his time. I did have lunch though. I had some yakisoba and then a soft cream. Yummy! Then I walked to the West garden. There I saw penguins, kangaroos, zebras, pygmy hippos, hippopotamus's,  rhinoceroses, giraffes, okapis, and flamingos. I go to the zoo every year, so I have seen the baby giraffe get bigger and bigger. The giraffes move so gracefully. The rhinos are so strong. And it was a hot day. I was getting a bit tired. So I took the monorail back to the East Garden. It cost \150 with NO SENIOR discount. Oh well. I left the zoo and walked back to the station. It was too hot to talk to nay foreigners this day. I got the train and was back  at home 4:30. By the way, my favorite zoo animal is the rhino. Number 2 is he polar bear. 

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Eiko said...

My favorite zoo animal is the tiger.