Friday, August 31, 2018

My August

Well August, 2018 ends today. And with it, ends my summer vacation. I was free from the 7th to the 15th. My kindergarten lessons were off so I had that free time too. So, what did I do during August? Let me tell you. (See the pic below)
1. Miwako and I took a trip to the Hokuriku area. I drove all 1,354 kilometers on this trip. We stayed three nights. First, we stayed in Toyama, then in Wajima and finally in Gokayama. W saw lots of beautiful scenery, had delicious food and drinks, and many many nice people.
2. Went to the gym 12 times.
3. Family members visited from Tokyo and Kamakura.
4. Cleaned the school included the fan, changed the posters, got special covers for two chairs and put "boots" on the table.
5. Had the school floors waxed.
6. Pulled lots and lots of weeds next door.
7. Went out drinking once with a buddy.
8. Went to the movies with Kenny.
9. Relaxed with a couple of books and crossword puzzles.
10. Drank more than usual.
11. Went to dinner with my daughter's fiance.
12. Swam in the Japan sea.
13. Went to Ueno museum and zoo.
14. Slept in a lot.
I had an excellent August thanks to my lovely wife and family.

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