Friday, February 19, 2021

    I had a lesson at one of my kindergartens. These kids are six years old. They will start elementary school with cherry blossoms blooming in two months. 
    At this lesson we practiced the DAYS of the WEEK. We have practiced this together many times over the past two years. This was to be the final time. So, after every kid practiced reading the DAYS with me one by one, I challenged them with this lesson. They all got their notebooks and a pencil. I then wrote one of the DAYS on the left side with the order of the words incorrectly. I (and the class teacher) explained that the first letter was NOT capitalized. That is, it was also a small. It turned out very well. Three kids (girls, of course) got it. So, I wrote one more DAY under this one. When one student got that one, I wrote one more. By that time more than half the kids got it. This phase of the lesson took 25 minutes.  

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