Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A trip to Okinawa by Miki Part 1

Two weeks ago I was absent from this lesson on account of my trip to Okinawa. I went there from Sunday, February 23rd to Tuesday, February 25th with two friends. One of them found this cheap trip and asked us to go there. The tour cost was within 40,000en. The three of us have been friends for more than 20 years. Our kids went to kindergarten together. But, this was our first trip together. 
Day 1
We were looking forward to this trip. While I was worried about the problem of the new coronavirus. First of all, our plane left Haneda half an hour late. It was at 3:20pm. Our three-day journey started. The flight takes about three hours. We arrived at NAHA in the evening. This was a guided tour. there were 30 people in our party and we used a sightseeing bus. We ate out at a steakhouse named Sam's in Naha the first day. Steak is a specialty in Naha. It was delicious! Next, we walked around the Kokusai area. It is the most street in Naha for tourists. We stayed in the same hotel for two nights. 

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