Friday, December 27, 2019

My 2019

This is my final BLOG for 2019. I will list news items that I had for the year.
1. My 2019 New Year Resolution: I did not drink coffee. There are three reasons. The first reason is that I hoped to make my teeth whiter. The second reason is that my morning coffee just wasn't delicious anymore. The third reason is that I found a lot of tea in our cupboards. I have been drinking them all year. And we have many kinds.
2. I lost 6 kilograms (weight) this year. I had hoped to lose 8 kilograms.
3. I went the gym 155 times. Each time is about 2 hours.
4. I changed my gym routine when I hurt my knee on the running machine. Since then (in April) I have been using the slant board to do sit-ups (crunches) with excellent results.
4. I do a stretch routine every morning. It takes 15 to 20 minutes. It also evolves as I make progress.
5. I got a globe for Christmas....2019, 2020,and 2021. I use it regularly. It is an excellent study tool.
6. I started taking an reading National Geographic. It has serious, educational information.
7. I started reading Reader's Digest. It is an easy read with heart-warming stories. It also has games and puzzles.
8. Started reading Shakespeare. Very, very, very interesting.
9. Explored Tokyo. That has been the most fun study for me.
10. My older daughter go married.
11. My brother visited for the wedding. We had a great reunion after about 20 years. He and I now communicate regularly by SNS.
12. I got weekly massages for 4 months then quit.  
I am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2020.

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