Thursday, August 2, 2018


The rains came and went this past weekend. And it was hot before that. I have to manage my time to do the work around the house. I pull weeds in our small garden around the house. I water the shrubs, rose bushes and trees that we have. I also keep the vacant lot next door clean as possible. I pull the weeds and trim the kumazasa. I attacked everything three times over the past two weeks. I always started early in the morning. It was usually before 6 AM. I usually worked for 70 or 80 minutes. When I was finished my work clothes were soaking wet. That means completely (100%) wet. However after I do the work I feel very satisfied with my effort. I pulled weeds and put them all in a total of 9 bags. I also decided not to pull the weeds at the far end of the vacant lot. (see pic below) I am hoping that the family in the house next to the weeds will clean that area up. But, whether they do or not I will not clean it. So, with the rains over the weekend those weeds will be rising again. I may attack this weekend.

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