Thursday, July 12, 2018

Sunday gardening

I worked in the garden and next door from noon to 2 pm Sunday. As you may know (see yesterday's BLOG) I watched four World Cup soccer matches that I recorded on Friday and Saturday nights. I planned to do the work outside in the evening when it got cooler. But, I heard that it would rain, so when Miwako started her piano practice I went outside with my garden outfit and gardening tools. Then I remembered about our blueberry tree. I checked it out. Sure enough there were plenty of (many) ripe blueberries waiting to be picked. I put a net over the tree in the spring so the birds wouldn't eat the berries. It was a bit of a hassle (trouble) getting the net off but I managed it. Then I tried cutting each berry clump. But I found that I could just pull gently on the berries and they fell off into my bowl. I did that for about 20 minutes. The net was still caught in the branches though. So I just trimmed the branches and ripped off the net. It all went well. More than a few berries fell to the ground. I threw away up some along with many leaves. I brought the berries into the house and finished gardening. Later I washed the berries and separated the good from the bad. Miwako froze them. I had some the next morning. Yummy!

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